Animation – Faces of Muybridge and Facial Expressions Study




Animation Evaluation

This is my final edition of Muybridge animation for my unit 2,12 and 53 2D animation. Before getting to this stage I went through various pre-production steps that most animators go through in order to create the best animation for Kingston Museum.

Firstly once I received the brief I did heavy research into Eadweard Muybridge in order to gain some insight into his history and what aspects I could take which I liked to implement within my animation. What struck me, in particular, was his tendency to photograph nature and wildlife which I am interested in, especially animals and cute ones as they tend to be relatively easy to create into likable characters within an animation. So I decided to expand upon his photographs of capybaras.

Image result for eadweard muybridge capybara

So I studied into capybaras, making art studies of pictures as well as watching videos to understand the mannerisms and movement of the animal.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 12.55.38.png

After making studies I then went into making them more so characters giving hem personality as that is one of the key principles of animation.Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 12.46.43.png

Simultaneously I was thinking about the colour palette of this animation, due to the nature of it I knew this would be set in South America, therefore adopting a very bright colour palette with lush greens to represent nature as well as browns.Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 13.04.45.png

In terms of characters, I looked into capybaras and all the variants of colours they can come in and developed my characters around these colours.Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 13.08.52.png

I also looked into the colours to depict the vegetation that will be present in my environments. I am happy with the colour scheme and I believe that the paint lessons with Simon definitely developed an understanding of colour and helped with choosing the colour for this animation.



I am pleased with the overall design of the characters and environments. As my goal was to achieve an aesthetic that is suitable for a younger audience and retains a sketchy, cartoonish look. I was able to achieve this by using very bold colours with harsh complementary shadows as well as bold black outlining throughout the pieces.

Changes I would make would be to have a more dynamic background such as having the blades of grass move in motion with the wind in order to make the animation feel as though it is part of a living, breathing world.


In order to further my animation to the best it could possibly be, I needed to develop a suitable soundtrack. When creating the soundtrack I went back to the storyboard and created a sound spotting list to know the exact length of sounds and what type of sounds I want to appear within the animation. Due to the setting of the Amazon Rainforest I wanted to create the atmosphere so using Logic Pro X I used various Brazillian instruments such as drums and percussion for the base background theme. Then within other layers of sonund, I implemented SFX sounds such as walking footsteps, licking and sniffing. For the sound to sound the most optimized I delved into adjusting the levels of EQ making sounds such as the squeaks lower within the highs in order to prevent the sound from distortion.

I am happy with the final result of the animation soundtrack and how it is coherent with all other aspects of the animation. I feel as though it was successful to meet all of the client’s requirements and I believe that the client will be satisfied. However I must say that the production could have been a lot more efficient, I can admit my time management was not the best meaning that the animation may have taken longer than usual, this was not the best as that extra time could have been used to refine details and add in details such as the grass flowing as I mentioned earlier.

To gain an understanding of how other viewed my animation I created a survey for my peers to fill out for me to understand what aspects are good and what needs to be improved.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 13.52.19.pngScreen Shot 2018-06-13 at 13.53.33.pngScreen Shot 2018-06-13 at 13.53.10.pngScreen Shot 2018-06-13 at 13.53.02.pngScreen Shot 2018-06-13 at 13.52.37.pngScreen Shot 2018-06-13 at 13.52.07.pngScreen Shot 2018-06-13 at 13.51.57.png

I can agree with the constructive criticisms as I have criticized my animation in the same way when viewing my final animation. The basis seems to be that people enjoy the character designs and view them as cute which I am happy with as that was my intentions, however, people seem to say that the sounds could be improved which I can agree with. The soundtrack itself is good however the SFX  sounds are not quite up to par and I have rejuvenated them since and send them into our sound designs teacher for remarking.